Amy is one of Hayley's friends on the cheerleading squad. She is shown to be very girly and trys to make the cheerleaders happy.



Amy is one half of the couple Jake and Felix refer to. It is shown that she broke up with her boyfriend because the Eris made him dumped his smoothie over her.

Double Felix:Edit

She is an extra in double Felix as she walks through the halls

Don't talk to Dr.CraniusEdit

She organize the cheerleader car wash to next week as hayley told her. Quickly she changes back after the speech Hayley gave her about cheerleaders do not back down. Trying to make Hayley happy she agrees.


  • She's a cheerleader
  • Always trying please the rest of the squad
  • Seems like she likes Hayley the most
  • Although she is very sweet and does kind like Roxanne