Blood Thrasher

The Monster Within
Oh, Brother
Through the Looking Glass
Ice Hassles


6-10 feet



Special Abilities:

Extendable tail
Superhuman strength and agility

Blood Thrashers, also called Thrashers for short, are fast, strong and deadly monsters with a voracious appetite for other creatures.


Cadence Nash, a half-Blood Thrasher, possesses a near-uncontrollable taste for other monsters, as does Chino, her brother, for humans.



The Blood Thrasher is a thin and humanoid monster with a gray alien-like head, jagged teeth, three or four long claws on each hand; spines along its forearms and back; large, pointed, elf-like ears; reptilian skin, and a long, monkey-like tail. Chino is dark red with bright-green eyes, whereas Cadence is bright blue with scarlet eyes.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Blood Thrashers can move at super-speed, much like Eris Fairies (albeit not quite as fast), and have incredible jumping agility and strength, as Cadence was able to throw Jake at least half a mile through the air. Also, a Blood Thrasher can eat massive amounts of food and extend its tail to amazing length to use as a whip.

It is also shown that half-human, half-Blood Thrashers such as Cadence and Chino can transform between their human and Blood Thrasher form, much like Dryads. Cadence can also still speak verbally in her monster form, though it is unknown whether or not proper Thrashers can also verbally speak human languages.

It is hinted in Doom Hound and shown in Ice Hassles that Blood Thrashers are immune to other monsters' powers, such as the Snark's memory-erasing cry and the Ice Ghoul's ice zombie-creating ray.


Half-Blood Thrashers such as Chino and Cadence are shown to have strong hunting instincts from their monster side which are difficult to control, and possess a difficultly-tamed urge to feed on other humans and/or other monsters.


  • It is unknown why Chino and Cadence are different colors in their monster forms, but the most likely explanation is individuality or sexual dimorphism. The former is most likely, as in The Monster Within, Jake was confused as to how Hayley could tell a Blood Thrasher was female.
    • It is also worth noting that in their human forms, Chino and Cadence both had a streak of their Thrasher forms' respective colours in their hair.
  • Cadence appears to be unaffected by a Snark's cry and the Ice Ghoul and ice zombies' ability to turn victims into ice zombies. This suggests that Blood Thrashers are immune to other monsters' powers.
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