"The Dimension Mites are essential monsters needed to send the other monsters back into their world. Troops always breed a nest of these small insects and keep them at HQ. When a Troop needs to send monsters back to their own world, the Dimension Mites are released and then eat a temporary door into the monster world. The Troop can then push the returning monsters across the door and back into the monster world. Regularly used and considered 'friendly' to Troops across the globe."
―The Troop official site's description of Dimension Mites
Dimension Mites
Dimension Mites

My Gus Is Back, and You're Gonna Be In Trouble
The Next Stop: Lakewood
Oh, Brother
Through the Looking Glass


1-1.5 feet


0.5 oz

Special Abilities:

Able to open a portal between the human world and the monster world

Dimension Mites are tiny, insect-like monsters with the ability to eat open portals between the Human World and the Monster World. They are used by the Troop to return captive monsters to their world.


Unlike most other monsters captured by the Troop, Dimension Mites are bred in large numbers by the Troop, and are used to open portals to the Monster World to return captive monsters through.

My Gus Is Back, and You're Gonna Be In TroubleEdit

Hayley uses a canister of Dimension Mites to open a portal to the Monster World to return captive monsters through.

Gus steals a canister of Dimension Mites from the Troop and plans to use them to summon an army of monsters into the Human World. He begins by using them to first open a portal in his room with Felix which allows a Huggie Bear through.

Next, Gus uses the Mites to allow a Quadro-Gob through to the Human World. However, Jake and Felix successfully get the Mites back from Gus, and use them to open a new portal and send both the Huggie Bear and the Quadro-Gob back to the Monster World.


Felix uses a canister of Dimension Mites to open a portal to allow an Eris Fairie to return to the monster world.

The Next Stop: LakewoodEdit

Fraido finds a canister of the Mites and offers them as a birthday present to Gus.

Later, when Gus's monster magnet goes into overdrive, it causes the Dimension Mites' canister to shatter, freeing them. The released Mites then open a portal to the Monster World.

Oh, BrotherEdit

When Cadence attacks Troop HQ, Jake smashes a canister of Dimension Mites open, allowing the Mites to escape and open a portal to the Monster World.

Through the Looking GlassEdit

Jake was given five vials of Dimension Mites during his mission to the Monster World with which to send messages back to the Troop in the Human World. He used one before entering the Monster Dimension as a test, another to send a message on how fascinating he found the Monster World, and three more to update the Troop on his search for Cadence and the Troop Grid.

Later, Etienne and Mr. Stockley use a canister of Dimension Mites to open another portal to the Monster World.


Inside their canisters, Dimension Mites appear to simply buzz around, but when Mites escape their canister, they will eat a temporary space-time tear between the human world and the monster world.



Dimension Mites resemble dozens of small lights which vary in colour.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Dimension Mites can eat their way from one dimension into the other, leaving a portal between the two worlds behind.


Dimension Mites appear to be unable to open portals when they are contained inside canisters.



A portal opened by the Dimension Mites

  • Although it is never explained why, while some portals suck everything through shortly after opening, others do not.
  • The Dimension Mites share some similarities with the Mood Slime from Ghostbusters II, in that they both open portals which allow ghosts/monsters through into our dimension.
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