"This evil genius sponge is one of the most deadly and insidious creatures alive. It reads minds, manipulates the weak and plots the destruction of the earth. Looks like a large car wash sponge."
―The Troop official site's description of Dr. Cranius
Dr. Cranius
Dr. Cranius

Don't Talk to Dr. Cranius


8 inches


Less than a pound

Special Abilities:

Extremely intelligent and manipulative

Dr. Cranius is a manipulative, megalomaniacal monster who physically resembles a car wash sponge.


Dr. Cranius was educated at Harvard (whether it was the "human" Harvard or some kind of monster university of the same name is unknown). In Mr. Stockley's youth, he was apparently in charge of guarding Dr. Cranius, but Dr. Cranius was able to manipulate Stockley into painting him black and catapulting him into a truckload of coal, allowing Dr. Cranius to escape.

Don't Talk to Dr. CraniusEdit

Some years later, Dr. Cranius was recaptured and taken into the Lakewood Troop's custody.

During his interrogation, Dr. Cranius tricks Mr. Stockley into travelling to a false base for his latest evil plot, and proceedes to manipulate Jake, Hayley and Felix.

Eventually, Dr. Cranius is able to trick Felix into installing a security system which traps Jake and Felix and allows the former to escape.

Dr. Cranius goes to the car wash, and leaves his jar-like travel machine, hiding himself among the car-wash sponges. His minion, who has been waiting for him, picks him up and attempts to drive off with him only for the Troop to grab and recapture Dr. Cranius.

The sponge monster's cunning and manipulative talent proven, Dr. Cranius is locked in a containment cell with higher security than any other, never to be heard from again.


Dr. Cranius uses his vast intelligence and cunning to outsmart his enemies, and when he is captured by the Troop, he will try to manipulate the Troop member (or members) guarding him into helping him escape.



Dr. Cranius looks like an ordinary car wash sponge, but can move and speak.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Dr. Cranius is extremely intelligent and manipulative, and can electrocute anything that touches him.


Due to his sponge anatomy, Dr. Cranius is vulnerable to dehydration from light and heat. He also cannot electrocute creatures holding him if they are wearing rubber gloves.


  • He is also called a "Harvard-educated sponge."
  • Mr. Stockley calls him the "black hole of evil".
  • Like the One-Horned Diablo, Dr. Cranius is apparently an unique monster.
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fans think that dr cranius looks like spongebob since that are sponges that can speak