Flaying Pincher Mole
Flaying Pincher Mole

A Sniff Too Far


4-8 feet



Special Abilities:

Spits sticky, blue slime

Flaying Pincher Moles are burrowing monsters which build underground nests and spit sticky, blue slime.


A Sniff Too FarEdit

A Flaying Pincher Mole attacks Lakewood High, collecting items from around the school (including Jake's locker and a school statue) to build a nest for its babies. After six attacks, it finishes building an underground nest beneath the school, and begins abducting and capturing several people around the school, including Jake. The Pincher Mole takes them back to its nest, cocoons them up, and leaves them there to be eaten by its children.

When Hayley, Kirby and a Sniffer find the Pincher Mole nest, the parent Mole and its children attack them and cocoon them. However, they are able to grab their blaster and blast and destroy all the Pincher Moles.

Shortly after, Amsterdam was heavily attacked by a large number of Pincher Moles, which captured many people.


When a Flaying Pincher Mole has children, it begins collecting various items to build an underground nest for its children. Once the Mole finishes building the nest, it captures people and cocoons them in the nest to be food for the children Moles.



A Flaying Pincer Mole has a bulbous, round torso with three thin, double-jointed legs. It also has green skin, and, in place of a head, a large, hole-like mouth with sharp teeth, and tentacles around its mouth.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Flaying Pincher Moles are fast and elusive monsters, and excellent burrowers. They can also spew a blue slime from their mouths to trap and cocoon victims in.


Pincher Moles appear to be vulnerable to pulse blasts.

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