"This monster appears at first as a bed of flowers. But any person who disturbs it finds that it's an 8-10 foot insect-like creature with tendrilly appendages actually buried into the earth (the flowers are actually its back). Although the Flowering Matilda feasts primarily on earthworms in our world, it will attack and destroy anything that bothers it."
―The Troop official site's description of the Flowering Matilda

Flowering Matilda
Flowering mailda



8-10 feet tall


400-550 lbs

Special Abilities:

Disguise and quick reflexes

Flowering Matildas are giant, centipede-like monsters which have flower beds covering their backs, fast reflexes, and root-like legs. Because of the flowers covering their backs, Flowering Matildas can successfully pose as harmless flower beds by rooting their legs into the earth and remaining still. Matildas are also extremely aggressive, attacking and destroying anything that bothers them; but in the Human World, they feast mainly on earthworms when not aggravated.