Fog Monster
Gob monster

Road Trip


10-20 feet



Special Abilities:

Can transform into mist

The Fog Monster is a large, purple monster which can create and/or transform into a thick mist.


Road TripEdit

The Fog Monster attacked the Stillwater Troop's HQ, eating the Stillwater Troop and overrunning the HQ. When Jake, Hayley and Mr. Stockley arrive at the HQ, the Fog Monster eats Mr. Stockley, and Jake and Hayley, realizing that the fog is the monster, retreat out of the fog and onto the HQ's chairs. When the Fog Monster attacks and tries to eat Jake and Hayley next, they freeze it, but it thaws before they can destroy it, so they lock themselves in the panic room.

Eventually, the monster breaks into the panic room, but before it can attack Jake and Hayley, the two kiss, raising the temperature from 78 to 80 degrees, and causing the Fog Monster to evaporate and die, freeing Mr. Stockley and the Stillwater Troop.


Fog Monsters are very vicious and have a huge appetite. They also appear to only attack when they're hungry.



The Fog Monster is a thick layer of mist, with a large, purple, worm-like body and green, fungus-like marks on its back, two thin tongues, sharp teeth, a large, bulbous head with no eyes, nose or ears, and multiple tentacles.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Fog Monsters are a thick fog, which their head and tentacles leap out of to eat victims that are in the fog.


As they are a living fog, Fog Monsters can be frozen, but only for a few seconds. Also, if the temperature is above eighty degrees, it will evaporate and destroy the Fog Monster.


  • The fact that Jake, Hayley and Mr. Stockley did not recognize the Fog Monster from its appearance and abilities has led a few fans to suggest that it may be a previously undiscovered monster species.
  • "Error" On the side of the fog monster's head, he had little white eyes.
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