"Griffins are enormous half-bird, half-beast creatures with the strength to grab a buffalo and fly away with it. Griffins are one of the "Five Most" dangerous and elusive creatures ever known to the Troop. It is no easy task, but taking down one of these nasty creatures brings great honour and awards to the Troop member able to do so."
―The Troop official site's description of the Griffin

Snarked Up


7-8 ft high, 30 ft wingspan



Special Abilities:

Massive strength
Extremely elusive

Griffins are giant, half-bird, half-beast-like monsters. They are one of the "5 most" dangerous monsters known to the Troop.


Snarked UpEdit

A Griffin was apparently living off cattle at a farming ranch, taking them back to its nest to be devoured.

It eventually takes and eats a cow called Buttercup, and later Hayley and Felix due to Felix's meat necklace.

It soon returns to its nest, and attempts to eat a baby Snark called Elroy, but is stopped when Jake lures it out of the nest with Elroy.

The Griffin then returns to the nest to eat Hayley, only for her to avenge Buttercup by blowing the Griffin up mid-flight with the Blaster.



iiii Griffins resemble a cross between an eagle and an unknown quadrupedal beast.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Griffins are extremely strong and powerful.


Griffin are apparently vulnerable to direct pulse blasts.

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