Husking Drak

Welcome to the Jungle
The Monster Within


14 feet (estimated from size of halved body)



Special Abilities:


 Husking Draks are powerful monsters.


Welcome to the JungleEdit

At an unknown point, what appears to be a Husking Drak was captured by the Lakewood Troop. The captive Husking Drak is seen in a holding cell when the monster cells are revealed under the gym.

The Great Pumkin

Ein Schalendrache befindet sich unter den gefangenen Monstern die durch den Stromausfall entkommen können. Man sieht, wie er mit den anderen Monstern entkommt.

Er wurde vermutlich wieder eingefangen.

The Monster WithinEdit

A Husking Drak appeared in Lakewood at an alley, and half of it was eaten by Cadence. When Jake, Hayley and Felix arrive to capture the Husking Drak, it ambushes them from above, but as it is only half of its body, they are able to easily defeat the monster by impaling it on a sign.



The Husking Drak is dark blue, with a faceless, triangle-shaped head, and long, thick arms ending in triangle-shaped appendages. However, this is only the front half of its body, as the back half is unseen.

Special AbilitiesEdit

According to Mr. Stockley, Husking Draks are difficult to defeat.


A Husking Drak is weaker and much easier to capture or kill when its body is bisected.

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