"Named after the first Troop member who spotted the creature in 1345 - Icelander, Lars Langarfljots. Actually, Lars was swallowed by the lake worm the moment he spotted it. It was Lars' second day as a Troop member. His is currently known as the third shortest tenure in Troop history. Since then, the Langarfljots worm has been discovered to love the taste of venison. Unfortunately for Lars, he had a satchel of deer jerky in his pocket when he was eaten."
―The Troop official site's description of the Langarfljots Worm

Langarfljots Worm
Langarfljots worm



150 ft and up


1500 tons

Special Abilities:

Aquatic maneater

The Langarfljots Worm is a giant, worm-like monster, named after Lars Langarfljots; the Troop member who first discovered the species in 1345. The Langarfljots Worm lives in lakes, and loves the taste of venison.