Mind Leech
Mind leech

It's All in the Game


0.5 - 1 feet



Special Abilities:

Mind controller

Mind Leeches are intelligent and cunning monsters which can control anyone they latch onto. They have a symbiotic relationship with Kaiju.


A Mind Leech latched onto game creator Decklyn Patrick and, through him, created a game which hypnotized any player that beat level 17 into going to a Kaiju feeding portal.

It's All in the GameEdit

The game's success among gamers causes a spike in Kaiju activity throughout Lakewood, and eventually attracts the attention of the Troop.

When Jake and Kirby visit Decklyn and notice the Mind Leech on his head, they try to blast it off, but instead cause the Mind Leech to possess Decklyn and escape with him to the monster world.

Later, when two Kaiju cross to the Human World to feed on the possessed gamers, including Jake, and are killed by Hayley and Kirby, the possessed Decklyn returns to the human world through the portal the Kaiju came through and holds Jake hostage. However, Kirby manages to blast the Mind Leech off Decklyn's head, destroying it and freeing Decklyn, Jake and the other gamers from its control.


A Mind Leech will latch onto a human host and then, through the host, try to lure more humans to be eaten by Kaiju, showing Mind Leeches and Kaiju have a symbiotic relation.



A Mind Leech resembles a large, bright blue slug or leech, with a small, hole-like mouth on its underside.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Mind Leeches are shown to be malevolent and intelligent monsters, and can latch onto the head of and control a human host.


If a Mind Leech is blasted off its host, it will explode.

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