Phoebe Collins


First Appearance:

Welcome to the Jungle

Potrayed by:

Matreya Fedor


Ickie dolls




Mr. Collins (father)
Mrs. Collins (mother)
Jake Collins (brother)
Elroy (nephew)

Other Relationships:


Phoebe is Jake's little sister. She has shown in some episodes that she is destined to be part of the Troop.


Welcome to the JungleEdit

Her toy diadem is among the Collins' many items that the Burkers have confiscated over the years.

However, Jake is able to get the toy diadem back by the end of the episode.

The Great PunkinEdit

Phoebe is one of the trick-or-treaters who visits Hayley's haunted house, and is quick to criticise it as not being scary enough for kids her age.

However, when a Ratadon enters the house and takes a bowl of candy Jake intended to give her, Phoebe chases the monster into the basement, where she beats it, and a Gibbering Troolis also there, up for taking her candy, and, thinking the monsters were part of the house's scares, immediately takes back her criticism of Hayley's haunted house.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ickie DollEdit

On Christmas Eve, Phoebe shows Jake two Christmas presents (one a game station, the other a pair of socks), and threatens to give him the one that he will hate (the socks) unless he gives her an ickie doll for Christmas.

Later, at dusk, Phoebe enters Jake's room to find him and Hayley there, an empty ickie doll box, and Jake bitten. Phoebe quickly accuses Hayley of biting Jake and stealing the ickie doll, before leaving with a threat towards Hayley.

The next morning, Phoebe, satisfied at her new ickie doll, gives Jake one of the presents, only for it to turn out Phoebe mixed them up and gave Mr. Collins the game station and Jake the socks.

I, MonsterEdit

pheobe goes into jakes room gets her fingers traped in chinese finger trap

Itty Bitty Baby DragonEdit

Phoebe finds a baby Dragon and names him "Samilicious".

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