"These cute, colourful, fuzzy creatures are a staple for every Troop throughout the world. The Snark's cry wipes out the memory of anyone who hears it - which is helpful when covering up monster attacks from the general public. Snarks hate open spaces, which is why they are often houses in small boxes."
―The Troop official site's description of the Snark

Do The Worm
No More Master Nice Guy
A Moth to the Spotlight
Snarked Up
Itty Bitty Baby Dragon
It's All in the Game
Through the Looking Glass
Eris Returns
Doom Hound (Episode)


2-6 inches


1/2-3 lbs

Special Abilities:

Their cries serve as a memory wipe

Snarks are cute, fuzzy monsters with a song that erases memories. They are frequently used by the Troop to erase memories of monster attacks.


Baby Snarks will latch onto their "mother" to raise them until they are old enough to continue on their own.



Snarks resemble small, blue squirrels with two foghorn-like antennae. While adults Snarks are blue with yellow eyes, baby Snarks are bright-blue with black eyes.

Special AbilitiesEdit

In a process called Snarking, the Snark's eyes will emit beams of blue-violet light and it will sing a somewhat melody-like cry. The process usually only takes a matter of seconds, and when it is over, all of the recent memories of anyone who heard the melody are erased. Snarking also regresses the victim's psychological age, depending on how much of the victim's memory is erased.


A Snark using its power

Snarks can also impregnate humans with baby Snarks through a bite.

Life CycleEdit

When an adult Snark bites a victim, such as a human, the creature will fall pregnant with a Snark.

A large, red lump will appear on the victim's neck, and in a matter of hours, the victim will go into labor, which is descirbed by Jake as feeling like "[the victim's] lungs are getting pulled out of [their] chest."

The newborn Snark will then burst from the bulge in a shower of pus, and rely on its parent (the victim who was impregnated with it) to raise it until it is old enough to continue on its own.



Elroy, a baby Snark

Snarks are small and harmless. They also hate large, open spaces.


  • The Snark has appeared in more episodes than any other monster in the show.
  • In Season 1, the Snark's cry sounded like a high, melody-like song; but in Season 2, it sounded more like a shrill shriek.
  • Snarks are apparently the prey of most larger monsters, such as Griffins and the One-Horned Diablo.
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