"This apparition is practically impossible to capture unless it inhabits an inanimate object. Luckily, inanimate objects are its favourite things to live in. Once inside, the Vapor Monster seemingly brings the object to life."
―The Troop official site's description of the Vapor Monster
Vapor Monster
Vapor Monster

The Good, the Bad, and the Ickie Doll





Special Abilities:

Able to animate inanimate objects
Vicious nature

Vapor Monsters are monsters made of vapor which can inhabit, possess and bring to life inanimate objects.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ickie DollEdit

At an unknown point, a scarecrow was possessed by a Vapor Monster.

The possessed scarecrow went on a rampage on a country road, but was run over by Mr. Stockley's car, destroying it. With the scarecrow destroyed, the Vapor Monster left it (turning the scarecrow inanimate again) and stowed away on board a passing delivery truck full of Ickie Dolls.

The Vapor Monster possessed all of the Ickie Dolls, causing them to mutate and animate after sunset into vicious, gremlin-like monsters and go on a midnight rampage.

Using Felix's music, the Troop are able to lure all the possessed Ickie Dolls into an isolated room and extract the Vapor Monster from them, returning the dolls to normal and capturing the Vapor Monster.



Vapor Monsters look like clouds of glowing, green vapour.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Vapor Monsters are intangible and can inhabit and bring to life inanimate objects. It has also been shown that one Vapor Monster can inhabit more than one object at once.


Vapor Monsters can be extracted from their hosts.


  • The Ickie Dolls under the possession of a Vapor Monster appear to be based off the creatures from Gremlins.
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