"There may not be any such thing as ghosts, but the terrifying Wraith may make you believe they exist. The Wraith itself is not very imposing, but it can paralyze its victims by making them believe they are living out their deepest, darkest fears."
―The Troop official site's description of the Wraith

The Wrath of the Wraith


3 inches (without cloak)


Less than a pound

Special Abilities:

Able to project victims' worst fears, inflicting a type of paralysis

Wraiths are monsters which can cause their victims to see their worst fears.


A Wraith haunted an abandoned hospital as of an unknown point in the 20th century.

The Wrath of the WraithEdit

Jake and two of his former friends are dared into a sleepover at the hospital, apparently unaware of the Wraith.

Hayley and Felix soon follow Jake to the hospital as well. The Wraith paralyzes Jake's friends eventually, and then Felix, Hayley and Jake one by one.

After Jake's friends' fart machine helps Jake, Hayley and Felix overcome the Wraith's power, the Wraith reveals itself. Jake uses the fart machine to weaken the Wraith to the point of harmlessness, and Hayley removes the Wraith's cloak to reveal a tiny, cute insectoid. Hayley falls for the charm of the Wraith's true form, but Felix, furious at the Wraith for its power causing Felix to see a clown with beehive hands and lobster feet, slams a bucket over it.

The Wraith is then presumably captured.



When wearing their cloaks, Wraiths resemble dark, hooded figures with red eyes and sometimes a large sphere of energy flowing from their hands.

An uncloaked Wraith

Without their cloaks, Wraiths resemble tiny, green humanoid instects.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Wraiths produce a type of vapour which causes victims to become paralyzed and dream they are living out their worst fears ever, eventually causing the victim's mind to snap under the pressure.


If a victim hears something that they find funny or makes them happy, they will overcome the Wraith's power. Something happy or humourous will also defeat the Wraith.


  • Wraiths are a real type of ghost
  • Their hunting strategy is similar to the title character and antagonist from the novel IT as well as the new film remake IT(2017). Both it/pennywise and wraith use telepathy to cause their prey to see their worst fears and then attack, devouring them.
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