Zombies are usually depicted as shambling, moaning, undead humans with a hunger for human flesh. Several different kinds of zombies have been shown in The Troop, including "happy" zombies and ice zombies.

Happy ZombiesEdit


Alejandro as a "happy" zombie

These zombies are humans whose brains have been infected by Swarm Monsters. They are constantly and mindlessly happy, and wish others they meet "a super day". After a while, as the Swarm causes their brains to erode, the happy zombies will become confused and eventually die. If the Swarm is destroyed by destroying the Hive Monster which the Swarm came from, anyone infected and turned into happy zombies will revert to normal with the Swarm's destruction.

In Unpleasantville, a Swarm infected and turned everyone in Lakewood into happy zombies, except for Jake, Hayley and Felix. When the Hive Monster was destroyed and the Swarm died, the zombies turned back to their normal selves.

Ice ZombiesEdit

Ice Ghouls can turn humans into ice zombies with a ray from their mouth, and ice zombies can turn other humans with their ice breath. Ice zombies have blue, frozen skin and red eyes, and are slow, shambling, moaning creatures like zombies in horror fiction. Ice zombies serve the Ice Ghoul which turned them, and will try and turn as many other humans as possible. If an Ice Ghoul is destroyed, all and any humans it turned into ice zombies will revert to normal.

In Ice Hassles, an Ice Ghoul attacked Lakewood and began turning people into ice zombies, who then turned virtually everyone in Lakewood, except for Jake, Kirby and Cadence. When the Ice Ghoul was destroyed by Cadence, the ice zombies all turned back to their normal selves.